What is LiveTechHelper?

Put simply, we’re a platform that enables open source developers to easily offer paid live support for any of their libraries and other monetization options like donations and subscription plans.


As an open source developer

You're proud of the fact that you've reached 1,000 stars on GitHub and your package has been downloaded over a million times, you're awesome, you've helped some many people and businesses, go you!


Pride doesn't pay the bills

You (probably) didn't open source your software to make money but because you solved a problem and thought others could benefit from it, you're a good person. But if people and businesses are getting paid and using your software for free, why can't you get in on the action?


Get Paid for Your Expertise - Offer On-Demand Support to Your Users

You charge your clients for your time, skills and experience, giving support is exactly the same thing. You're not going against the ethos of open source at all, it's a win-win scenario! You save developers time and money and you get to make money too.

Use our calculator to see how much extra you could make.

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Here's what's in it for you

Just a few of the reasons why you would want to use LTH.

Simple Setup - Start Earning in Minutes!

Connect Your GitHub - we automatically import repos and you can start offering paid support instantly! Simply add a a link / badge / whatever you want to your readme or website so people know they can get help from you.


So many open source libraries get deprecated because the author doesn't have the time. There are only so many hours in a week and at least some of those need to be paid. LTH can help you build a side income or more.

Additional Revenue Stream

There are many ways for open source developers to generate revenue from their projects, from Commercial Support packages, GitHub Sponsorship and many more. LTH allows you set your own hourly rate and own schedule and get paid for 100% of your time.

Join us in our mission of making open source more sustainable and get the added benefit of making some money at the same time.

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Our Mission

We want to make open source more sustainable. The entire platform was born from this and everything we do is in aid of this.

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