Paid live support sessions

We're the only platform that has a simple, end-to-end solution for offering paid live support sessions to their users as an additional revenue stream. Some of the key features of this include:

  • Zero spam - All "Help Requests" are pre-paid before they are sent to you
  • No Lingering - Sessions happen on our platform so users can't hang around in your slack and keep bugging you
  • Every Minute Paid - Minimum time charged is 30 mins. after that, billed in 15 minute increments
  • Set Your Own Rate - Charge what you want, you control your hourly rate and can change it at any time
  • Valuable Insights - Powerful analytics showing you where your revenue is coming from
  • Unbeatable Fees - We charge around 25% less than other platforms so more revenue goes to you, every penny counts

Support for teams and organizations

Very few projects with any traction have only one contributor. Whether your project has 2 contributors, or 2,000, we've got you covered. The owner of the repository has all the control, from rev share options to who can and cannot provide support. Features include:

  • Built-in Contributor Management - Owners have granular control over all aspects of who can provide support
  • Owner RevShare - Let's the owner of the project earn percentage of all sessions to ensure the project remains funded and not just those providing support
  • "Open" Help Requests - Configurable so every active contributor can view, accept and decline help requests
  • Slack Integration - Link your team slack channel so you never miss an incoming request (and a chance to make some money)
  • Calendly Integration - Scheduling can be a nightmare, link your calendly account to allow users to set a time and date

Donations, support plans - anything you can sell

One of the most popular options for generating revenue is by offering one-time and recurring donations or premium support plans on your projects. We also have this on our platform so you no longer need to register with multiple platforms and juggle tax reporting and analytics cross-platform. Our features include:

  • One-Time Purchases - From T-Shirts to one-off donations, configure as many "products" as you like
  • Subscriptions - Offer premium or enterprise support plans, recurring donations or sell access to your private slack, get creative with it
  • Reporting Dashboard - Quickly view earnings by product, active subscribers and more
  • Industry Standard Fees - In line with the most popular donation platforms like

International tax compliance and remittance

Most platforms leave you to your own devices when it comes to tax time. This can be quite complicated due to the inherently global nature of open source. We collect and remit sales tax on your behalf so it's one less thing you need to worry about.

  • Every Country Supported - Whether your users are in Germany or Nigeria, we handle compliance
  • More Money in Your Pocket - Most other platforms make you deduct sales tax from your earnings meaning sometimes you can lose up to 50% with fees, we charge the customer
  • 1099s For US Users - We provide you with a single 1099 at the end of the tax year so it's one simple thing to add to your return
  • Zero Fees - All of this comes as default, we don't charge you for it ever

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We want to make open source more sustainable. The entire platform was born from this and everything we do is in aid of this.

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