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chatGPT Bookmark

ChatGPT conversation saving bookmark.

It's started as article. But I've decided that It would be better to track it on GitHub and update so it will still work, when OpenAI change their web application.

What is Bookmarklet?

Bookmarklet is a JavaScript code that run as URL from your bookmarks. To run the code you need to create new Bookmark and copy the code from the JavaScript file. If you don't know how you can open the website and drag & drop the look to your bookmarks.

You can read more about Bookmarklets on Wikipedia.

Interesting projects

The main reason for this project is to allow to save the chatGPT conversation as files on the disk. Here is interesting usage of the bookmark that people made:


If you want to add something to the bookmark, please do. Also if the code doesn't work don't hesitate to report an issue.


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